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Glasses Repair


Hassle Free Glasses Repair

At Glasses repair we take the stress out of when your looking for a specialist who does glasses frame repairs. We provide you with a simple hassle free way of doing your spectacle repairs. Simply place your order. We will email you a free trackable repair spectacles postage label to stick on your parcel at no cost to you. Once we have received at our spectacle frame repairs lab we will carry out the repair. Then ship back by to you by trackable delivery for free. 


Send us your broken glasses with our free postage label.

We Repair

We receive your frames and repair your glasses.


We send back your glasses repaired and shipped for free.

Types of glasses repairs

At Glasses repair our experienced technicians can perform all types of glasses frame repairs. If you have broken your glasses frames you do not need to throw them away. We can repair spectacles in 99 % of glasses repair cases. Our glasses frame repairs are done quickly and returned to you with free shipping included on all our spectacle repairs.  Please be aware that although great care is taken, the repairs are done at your own risk and not all repairs can be guaranteed. 


Metal Glasses Frame Repair


At Glasses Repair we can repair spectacles by soldering broken metal glasses frames. 

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Plastic Glasses Frame Repair


Broken plastic glasses frames or arms can be repaired by our  glasses repair technicians


Glasses Spring Hinge Repair


Broken spring hinges can be replaced and repaired at our spectacle repairs lab.


Glasses Hinge Repair



If your in need of a glasses hinge repair near me? We can fix glasses where the barrel joint or hinge is broken.

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Glasses Arm Repair 



Spectacle repairs like snapped temples off the front of glasses can be reattached back on to the front of metal glasses.


Metal Glasses Nose Pad Arm Repair



At Glasses repairs metal pad arms can be laser welded to the frame. We will then also fit new nose pads.


Silhouette Glasses Repair


At Glasses repair we can repair broken silhouette titanium rimless sides.

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Rimless Nose pad arm Repair


Rimless nose pads can be welded back on if broken at our glasses frame repairs lab.


Rimless Glasses Bridge Repair


We can repair broken rimless bridges or pins by spot welding the part back together.


Repair Rimless Nuts and Bolts


Our spectacle frame repairs technicians will replace and repair rimless glasses nuts and bolts. 

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Repair Semi Rimless Glasses Cord


We can replace and repair spectacles cords in semi rimless supra glasses


Glasses Screw Drill out Repair


If your screw has snapped off in the barrel it will need drilling out and replacing at our glasses frame repair centre.


Nose pads and Arms Fitted 


We can mount new nose pad arms with nose pads to plastic glasses 

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Glasses nose pad & screw service


Simple spectacle repairs like new nose pads and screws can bring life back into an old glasses frame


Plastic Glasses Polishing Restoration


At Glasses repair we can polish an old worn glasses frame and bring it back to life like new


Repair Metal Glasses Bridge


We can do all types of glasses frame repairs including fixing metal glasses bridges.

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Glasses Curl Sides Repair



Repair your spectacles arms or change your sides for curl sides for a better grip.


Repair Rivets and repin Glasses


We can repair and re rivet glasses that have this type of fixing for you at our glasses frame repair lab.


Service Silhouette Rimless Glasses Plugs


We can service and replace all the silhouette plugs and fixings on your rimless glasses

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Curl temple tips replacement



Glasses repair can replace your old curl temple tips for new ones


Glasses Temple Tips Repair


Replace your old hockey end temple tips for new ones

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