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Our skilled technician will repair your broken rimless glasses by laser welding the titanium side back onto the broken lug . Glasses repair technicians will fix your titanium rimless glasses by reattaching the side with a weld back o and send your spectacles repaired back in working order. 


Please be aware that in performing the weld it will tarnish or damage the some of the colour in and around the location of the repair and cannot accept responsibility for this damage. Although repaired titanium welds will never be as strong as a new replacement side.

Repair Rimless Silhouette Side

  • At Glasses repair we can repair broken silhouette titanium rimless sides.

  • All repairs at come with a 30 day warranty for workmanship. This does not include accidental or malicious damage after the repair. If the repair fails within 30 days we will repair the broken part again only. There is no refund available on repairs as this is a custom order.

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