Its common for plastic frames to lose there colour and shine after a while due to being worn constantly. This is because the plastic becomes bleached from the acid in your perspiration. Not to worry though our skilled technician can bring life back into your plastic glasses by repolishing them. Glasses repair technicians will polish the glasses to bring the colour shine back to your spectacles. We will then send your spectacles repaired back in working order. 


Please note that although polishing will make the acetate plastic glasses look relatively new again, it will not in some circumstances make it look brand new. Results do depend on the age and material of the acetate frame. It is not possible to repolish some types of plastic like injected propanioate frames. 

Repolishing Plastic Glasses

  • Frame polishing can bring life back into an old acetate plastic glasses frame.

  • All repairs at come with a 30 day warranty for workmanship. This does not include accidental or malicious damage after the repair. If the repair fails within 30 days we will repair the broken part again only. There is no refund available on repairs as this is a custom order.